Mainly Blue Oct. 29-Nov. 27, 2009

Curated by Rebecca Godin, “Mainly Blue” is an exhibit of multiple viewpoints, mediums and explorations of the color blue.

Reception Friday, November 6, from 5 to 8 pm.

October 29 to November 27, 2009

Community School of Music and Art

330 E. State

Ithaca, NY 14850

Sunset Park This pastel, Sunset Park, is featured in the exhibit.

I became interested in the idea of working outdoors at night. The night sky, the city lights kept calling my name. It seemed a bit impossible. After all, how am I going to see in the dark? This excerpt from The Artist, a poem by Charles Simic summed it up:

Do you remember the crazy guy

Who stuck candles in his hat

So he could paint the sea at night?

Alone on that empty Jersey beach,

He kept squinting in the dark,

And waving his brush wildly.

Candles. Not such a good idea. A headlamp. A better idea. If you happen to see a glow on the side of the road some night, slow down. It might be me.

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